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Composition of Cold Roll Forming Machine And Solutions To Product Processing Deformation

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Composition of Cold Roll Forming Machine and Solutions to Product Processing Deformation

The cold bending equipment industry is now developing well, which has greatly increased the competition between enterprises.  The direct consequences of competition are two-fold: firstly, it promotes the development of the industry, and secondly, it accelerates the pace of backward companies leaving the market, providing convenient conditions for the resource reorganization of the industry.

roof c purlin machine

C Steel Channel Purlin Machine

The composition and working principle of corrugated roof cold roll forming machine

The products produced by trapezoidal sheet cold roll forming machine have high smoothness, exquisite appearance, and precise size.  The steel produced by the glazed tile roof sheet cold roll forming machine belongs to the economic section steel, which saves costs.  The standing seam roll forming machine is widely used to replace hot-rolled profiles and other varieties of cold-bending steel.

The composition of the roof ridge cap cold roll forming machine: The decking floor cold roll forming machine is mainly composed of a base, mechanical transmission, cold bending operation system, hydraulic work system and other parts.

840 trapezoidal roof sheet export forming machine

Trapezoidal Sheet Metal Production Line

The working principle of the c z u purlin cold roll forming machine: When the double layer cold roll forming machine is working, the steel plate or other metal materials that need to be cold-bent are placed between two active wheels.  The hydraulic system is started, and the hydraulic cylinder pushes the dovetail groove and the cold-bending wheel to cold-press the steel.  When the required curvature is reached, the hydraulic system is closed, and the product is completed.

The problem of product deformation in three layer cold roll forming machine production

Cold roll forming machine is a type of profile processing equipment used in tunnels, subways, underground passages and other places. Comparedl with press equipment, cold roll forming machines have the advantages of stable performance, high work efficiency, and good quality of produced profiles. However, sometimes the cold roll forming machine may have some defects due to operational problems, and one of the common problems is the deformation of the product during processing.

So, how should we deal with the problem of profile deformation in the production of metal shutter door roll forming machine? Firstly, we need to analyze the reasons for the problem. Generally, the common reason for profile deformation is that the force is unbalanced, which may be caused by improper operation or improper placement.

Therefore, to solve the problem of profile deformation in the door frame cold roll forming machine during processing, reasonable deformation allocation should be made during design, especially when producing the last few processes, the deformation should not be too large. Secondly, side rollers and bend rollers can be used to pre-bend the profiles, which can effectively prevent the profiles from swinging arbitrarily during the processing. Finally, if profile deformation still occurs during the production process, the roll allocation should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

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