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Roofing Sheet Machine

Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine

A metal tile roof  is lighter than a concrete or clay tile roof and more durable than an asphalt shingle roof, and easier to handle than long-run corrugate sheets. In fact, It is the best reliable and affordable roofing system in the market place in a range of design and styles.
in addition, we have pioneered many of the advances in Corrugated roofing sheet roll forming machine、Trapezoid Roof Sheet Machine、Roofing Tile Roll Forming Machine、Double Mayer Machine、Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine 、Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine and Decking floor roll forming machine  or CZU purlin machine .

Roll Forming Machine Products

Roll Forming Machine Workflow

Roll Forming Machine Components


Uncoiler is a unique tool used to level line steel plates. It can perform shearing production, levelling, and uncoiling and can also be configured to perform other sheet product production lines.
Max. Width:1000-1250mm
Max. Loading:Capacity: 5000 kgs
Working Way:Passive or hydraulic
Out Diameter:1500 mm
Inner Diameter:Φ450 – Φ550 mm 

Feeding device with Pre-sliding cutter

The roller feeder and leveling structure is the component where the bending process occurs. The deformation of the out of the flat part, plate, or sheet is performed by a series of interchanging bends. The interchanging bends are made by getting the sheet, part, or plate between sets of leveling purlin rollers.

Roll Forming Machine

Material Thickness:0.25-0.8mm PPGI and GI 
NO. of Roller Stations:18 stations
Material for Shaft:High grade 45# steel polished(CNC lathe) 
Chain and Gear:1", 17 teeth sprocket, 50 link chain
Material for Rollers:45# steel polished and coated with chrome HRC58-62° 
Diameter of Shaft:70mm(Solid shaft) 
Frame Panel:16*290*580mm 
Bottom Frame:350x6mm H steel 
Motor Power:5.5 KW(shanghai motor) 
Driven Type:Wall Plate Chain Drive 
Speed:About 15m/min

Cut-off Device

The cutting part comprises a shearing machine and a fixed-length tool. The fixed-length device controls the length via encoding. The produced sheet is cut, and the stamping is completed when the sheet reaches a specific length.
Material for Cut-Off Modular:Cr12 steel after treatment
Hardness for Heat Treatment:HRC58 – 62° 
Punching Die Material:Cr12 steel after treatment
Motor for Hydraulic Stand:4KW 
Cut-Off Type:Qualified pillar cutting

PLC Control System

The production line entirely has a top-notch electronic control system. The electrical control components of the purlin roll machine meet international specifications, and you can also specify your desired parts. The componentrequirements include a transparent line number, clear markings, and reasonable parts.
Type:PLC Frequency Control System with touch screen 
PLC Brand:Delta Encoder Brand: Omron 
Length Error:±2mm 
Language:English and Chinese 
Voltage:380v/50HZ, 3Phase (It depends on customer requirement)

Hydraulic Pump Station

Oil type:46# hydraulic oil 
Pump brand:China brand 
Motor power:4kw 
Solenoid valves:Huade brand 
Solid valve:Single 
Cooling way:Fan

Roofing Sheet Machine

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