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How is roofing sheet manufactured?

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Metal Roofs are highly preferred due to their extravagant appearance, high endurance, longevity, energy efficiency and low maintenance features. Metal Roofs add more beauty to your premise and enhances its overall looks optimally. Metal Roofs come in an array of material options such as Zinc, tin, Galvanised steel, Aluminum, copper and much more. The manufacturing process of metal roofs varies depending upon its material, metal roof sheet designs and much more.

metal roofing sheet forming machine

ollowing is the standard process of the roofing sheet manufacturing :

Raw materials:

The foremost step in the process is converting the raw materials into the desired form. Raw materials like galvalume, aluminum, zinc, copper, and stainless steel are used in the process. Theraw materials are purified and melted down to form the metal coil. The metal roofing in Chennai, uses a different combination of raw materials for better resistance according to the environmental condition.The metal coils are run through a rolling machine to reduce its thickness and achieve the desired grade. The grades for the rolling sheet vary depending upon its raw material.


The coil goes into the coil coater where Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 coating system is applied. The substance is placed on a continuous coating line where it is cleaned and specially treated with paint and baked at a high temperature. At the end of each coating of paint, it is checked for quality assurance. The redundant check is also done before reaching the manufacturing process by quality assurance engineers.

Roller former:

The third step in the process is allowing the metal coil to run into the roller former. A roller former plays a vital role in turning the metal coil into metal sheets and panels. The purpose of running the metal coils into a roller former is to reduce its thickness and achieve the desired grade. The shape and bend in the material are attained by the successive roll of the roller. The width of the sheet is adjusted manually as per the design.

The roller forming seam metal coil goes through a roll former system. A roller former is a machine that turns a metal coil into metal roofing sheets and panels. The machine plays an important role in forming metal roof sheet designs. It can be adjusted to achieve the desired panel designs. The seam panel is manufactured by feeding the metal coiler into a roll former to achieve the desired curves and profiles. The successive roll makes the bend into the metal and shapes it effectively. The Panel width is manually set in the roll forming machine as per the design of the roof seam. The typical width of the panel is 12,16 or 20". The extra 4" is not shaved to make the locks on both sides of the panel.

metal roofing sheet tile machine

Computer control unit:

omputer control unit: The majority of the metal roofing sheet manufacturers use a computer control unit to make the changes in the speed, control, operation, panel length and much more. A controlled computer unit makes it easy to adjust the roll forming machine as per the requisite. A smart computer unit automates the manufacturing process by running the coil as per the requirement and cutting the panel at a specific length.

Sheet Metal: 

Apart from the metal panels there are numerous other elements of metal roof manufacturing including minute accessories such as a rake, gable trim, drip edge, ridge cap, sidewall, roof to wall connections and much more. All these elements are manufactured by a detailed process to ensure the efficacy of the panel is met optimally.

Quality check:

The product is immediately inspected for its color, appearance, and quality. Once the sheets pass the quality check they are packed carefully to transit so they can be installed on your roof for a lifetime.


The remnants are collected, bundled, and sold back to the mill to and re-used as metal coils. These scraps are re-used in the manufacturing process continuously for better results.

Despite its outstanding quality and standard, the base of the frame should be strong enough. If the frames are unstable the sheets can’t stand for a longer time. Make sure to get your materials from c purlin manufacturers for a wide variety of roofing accessories with high standards.

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Metal Roof manufacturing involves several processes and steps. It is imperative to be careful and give utmost attention to every process to ensure the highest level of quality standards are achieved in the final product. Most of the metal roofing sheets manufacturers use the standard process to manufacture metal roof sheets, panels, roof designs. The metal roofs are highly preferred due to their high endurance and longevity, Metal roofs are sturdy and robust and they can withstand any climatic conditions. They help to keep your premise cosy as well as dry. Metal roofs provide the utmost protection to your house and have high resistance. It is one of the most trusted roofing solutions for those looking out for durable roofing alternatives.

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