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Operation And Inspection of Corrugated Roofing Sheet Making Machine

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When testing the ibr roofing sheet making machine, it should be observed from the discharge machine or the discharge rack throughout the whole process, from the discharge to the sheet forming and cutting, whether the high-speed and low-speed sheet production time efficiency reaches the molding speed you expect.       

Then, after the roof tile making machine shutdown, run the boot debugging operation on the control system by yourself.       

Detect whether there are invalid reaction instructions between operation and PLC control.

automatic c purlin forming machine

cold c purlin roll forming machine

Hand pulling before cutting: standing seam roof machine each part is firmly connected, no obvious dislocation in installation, no rust on the tool wheel, sharp edge, no obvious jagged marks on the broken material, does not affect the normal feeding.

Feed guide: metal roof ridge cap machine solid connection, smooth feed, convenient limit adjustment, level with the base surface of the lower roller or slightly lower than the lower roller surface.

Roller appearance: floor deck machine whether electroplating has no obvious color difference, color spots, knife marks, and rust is absolutely not allowed.

30m c purlin roll forming machine

colored steel c purlin forming machine

Roller wheel function: the overall roller movement is suitable (no obvious change in the gap during rotation), the shape is regular, no electroplating sharp burrs, no obvious bruises, cold c purlin roll forming machine deep groove wheel, no jarring knife marks.

After forming shear: double layer roof sheet making machine solid welding, beautiful, smooth sliding part, good synchronization up and down;       

The blade is straight and the hardness should reach HRC58-62 degrees.       

The three layer roll forming machine whole cutter should be perpendicular to the center line of the roller wheel.

Control system: auto shutter door machine easy to operate, control cabinet appearance beautiful, ergonomic.       

The execution of the operation is quick, the cutting length is accurate (the components should be internationally renowned brands)

Plate type inspection: flat surface, no obvious indentation, no obvious bag wave, no crow’s feet, no scraping, no obvious color difference, no wave edge, 6 meters long small head ≤±3, width error range ±5, height error ≤±1, length error ≤2, diagonal error ≤2.

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